Trust and Hospitality

  • Our roots in the world of tourism reach back to the distant past of 1973, where we took our first steps in the cozy confines of our home in Crikvenica. In those early days, we could only welcome a small group of guests, offering just two rooms to accommodate a mere four people. Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves in Zadar, nestled in a modern villa adorned with five lavish apartments – a fourfold leap from our modest beginnings. This transformation is a testament to the Benak family's enduring commitment, unity, persistence, investments, and unwavering dedication.

  • We're genuinely thrilled that you've selected us amidst the vast array of choices in the market. Our hope is to not just meet but exceed your expectations, and to be the hosts you remember fondly.

  • We've been embracing the world of tourism since the early '70s, and we relish the immense trust placed in us by guests who return to Zadar year after year. What beckons them back is our pristine waters, picturesque beaches, abundant sunshine, and the feeling that they're returning to "their" home away from home.